1. Register in IBM web And Download Express-C edition via timetohide.me proxy web site.
  2. Download Manuals Books
  3. Extract v10.5_linuxx64_nlpack.tar.gz to /opt/ibm_db2
  4. Execute db2prereqcheck from /opt/ibm_db2 for determine pre requirements of bd2
  5. If operating system of server is 64 bit of ubuntu, I recommend to read this link
  6. After db2prereqcheck matched all dependencies you can run db2install
  7. After installation has been done, the /opt/ibm/ directory and it`s child directories will be created
  8. Then you can run db2setup to install db2 and you can flow instructions in BD2InstallingServers-db2ise1051.pdf page 125
  9. After setup successfully done, user db2inst1 has been created.
  10. In terminal login this user using command sudo su db2inst1
  11. Start the database manager by entering the db2start command.
  12. Enter the db2sampl command to create the SAMPLE database. This command can take a few minutes to process. There is no completion message; when the command prompt returns, the process is complete.The SAMPLE database is automatically cataloged with the database alias SAMPLE when it is created.
  13. In terminal execute db2 and then enter the following
connect to sample
select * from staff where dept = 20
connect reset
  1. This database management system, stores data on file and database restart will not affect on data storage.