1. Register in IBM web And Download Express-C edition via timetohide.me proxy web site.
  2. Download Manuals Books
  3. Extract v10.5_linuxx64_nlpack.tar.gz to /opt/ibm_db2
  4. Execute db2prereqcheck from /opt/ibm_db2 for determine pre requirements of bd2
  5. If operating system of server is 64 bit of ubuntu, I recommend to read this link
  6. After db2prereqcheck matched all dependencies you can run db2install
  7. After installation has been done, the /opt/ibm/ directory and it`s child directories will be created
  8. Then you can run db2setup to install db2 and you can flow instructions in BD2InstallingServers-db2ise1051.pdf page 125
  9. After setup successfully done, user db2inst1 has been created.
  10. In terminal login this user using command sudo su db2inst1
  11. Start the database manager by entering the db2start command.
  12. Enter the db2sampl command to create the SAMPLE database. This command can take a few minutes to process. There is no completion message; when the command prompt returns, the process is complete.The SAMPLE database is automatically cataloged with the database alias SAMPLE when it is created.
  13. In terminal execute db2 and then enter the following
connect to sample
select * from staff where dept = 20
connect reset
  1. This database management system, stores data on file and database restart will not affect on data storage.
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Name DB2 MySQL Oracle Percona Server VoltDB
Description Common in IBM host environments, 2 different versions for host and Windows/Linux Widely used open source RDBMS Widely used RDBMS Enhanced drop-in replacement for MySQL based on XtraDB storage engine with improved performance and additional diagnostic and management features. Distributed In-Memory NewSQL RDBMS
Database model Relational DBMS Relational DBMS Relational DBMS Relational DBMS Relational DBMS
License commercial, free version is available Open Source, GPL version 2. Commercial licenses with extended functionallity are available commercial, restricted free version is available Open Source, GPL version 2 Open Source, GPL version 3 for Community Edition, commercial license for Enterprise Edition
Implementation language C and C++ C and C++ C and C++ C and C++ Java
Server operating systems Linux,Unix,Windows,z/OS FreeBSD,Linux,OS X,Solaris,Windows AIX,HP-UX,Linux,OS X,Solaris,Windows,z/OS Linux Linux,OS X
Data scheme yes yes yes yes yes
Typing yes yes yes yes yes
Secondary indexes yes yes yes yes yes
SQL yes yes yes yes yes
APIs and other access methods JSON style queries,XQuery,ADO.NET,JDBC,ODBC ADO.NET,JDBC,ODBC ODP.NET,Oracle Call Interface (OCI),JDBC,ODBC ADO.NET,JDBC,ODBC,Java,API RESTful HTTP/JSON API,JDBC
Supported programming languages C,C#,C++,Cobol,Fortran,Java,Perl,PHP,Python,Ruby,Visual Basic Ada,C,C#,C++,D,Eiffel,Erlang,Haskell,Java,Objective-C,OCaml,Perl,PHP,Python,Ruby,Scheme,Tcl C,C#,C++,Clojure,Cobol,Eiffel,Erlang,Fortran,Groovy,Haskell,Java,JavaScript,Lisp,Objective C,OCaml,Perl,PHP,Python,R,Ruby,Scala,Tcl,Visual Basic Ada,C,C#,C++,D,Eiffel,Erlang,Haskell,Java,Objective-C,OCaml,Perl,,PHP,Python,Ruby,Scheme,Tcl C#,C++,Erlang,Java,JavaScript,PHP,Python,Ruby
Server-side scripts yes yes PL/SQL yes Java
Triggers yes yes yes yes no
Partitioning methods Sharding horizontal partitioning, sharding with MySQL Cluster or MySQL Fabric horizontal partitioning Sharding
Replication methods yes Master-master replication, Master-slave replication Master-master replication, Master-slave replication Master-master replication, Master-slave replication,XtraDB Cluster Master-slave replication
MapReduce no no no no no
Consistency concepts Immediate Consistency Immediate Consistency
Foreign keys yes yes yes yes
Transaction concepts ACID ACID ACID ACID ACID
Concurrency yes yes yes yes yes
In-memory capabilities yes yes
Durability yes yes yes yes yes => Snapshots and command logging
Horizontal scalable no yes yes yes yes
Value size max. 10 B 4 B 2 EB
Memory minimum 256 MB 11 MB 512 MB ? 4 GB
Data Storage File System, Volatile memory File System, Volatile memory ASM, File System File System Volatile memory, File System,Data Persisted to Disk
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